Newton’s Tree – The Apple Tree that Sparked an Epiphany

I love it.

The Treeographer

Apple trees have long been a part of human history, as one of the first cultivated trees, but a tree of the ‘Flower of Kent’ variety inspired one of the biggest scientific discoveries in centuries. The so called ‘gravity tree’ is located on the grounds of Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton.

GodfreyKneller-IsaacNewton-1689 Sir Isaac Newton

The legend goes that Newton was sitting beneath the tree when an apple fell and struck him on the head, sparking the a-ha moment and discovery of gravity. Surprisingly, the reality is not too far off.

While still a student at Cambridge University, an outbreak of the bubonic plague temporarily closed the university and sent him home for 4 years. While there, he continued to experiment with light and motion. One fateful day in 1666, he observed an apple fall from the tree, and began to think about the force that pulled it to…

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Play With Me

Deep in the woods we walk

leaves rustle as we tussle playfully

in the grass-fold’s  brink a brink

of emotion christened with Love

What a cute smile you have

the whiteness of your partiality tingle

my nerves by the expression on my dove

eyes in your honey eyed am struck

magnetically, a wave of comfortability

How I love your touch that soft caress

on my hips that warm me nicely

sparks in my body glow every time

it propels upwards and downwards timely

You’re  the cologne that scents my nose

a rose id love to breathe in my wake

take me by your arms swing me around

I’m in deep fantasy in the care of your strong muscle

I swear in every night you star in I blossom

These memories in mind are deep

I can’t erase less you cease to be my vase

Return to me my Michael I remain the Mariana

apologetic now in flames dying of your Love

Flames of Passion

Its not that I can’t pen down in letter

but in poetry I can do better

Hedonists got dreams of pleasures

Measures is what they take for desires

I aint eligible to be one

for its negligible to me

Id rather root to my true self

Than foot to my false tale

A real one like a passion forth sworn

awaiting a heart to be won

Just the same way as a newborn

with no stains of stale

This passion given what do i need more

Wore the same script chapter as Luther

am satisfied with my well-played scenes

Today my mysteriousness i uncover

this dream sought for I covet


How to Love Again

If you truly are a white dove

then both of you are made of love

for it is seen in your moves

Are you made of Angel he’d ask

Or is it that you dropped in leaves

And a smile spread across

the seemingly glittering lips

Honey bam she calls out loud

Yeah Bae he responds in mood

What are you cozy about he asks

It is you looks that crazy me up

making me sickening into you she says

Then i guess its our self passion

to us huge as that bijou mansion

If someone sang one in a million

In a trillion ways for you id rap the same

coz of what lies beneath our name


If Romeo and Juliet truly existed

Me and you would do better

within each other we coexist

It is with us that the tavern relights

after being in ashes for our love is greater

In many inseparable ways we click into

our favorite begotten hearts

Passion is like fire that won’t stop burning

Am i mortified by loves Fusion? Probably yes

Allow me to soul search our flames to glow more







Mirrored Wall


White as fresh cream is the dream

a  complexion perceived to be superior

for am bright in light and night

At your site i cause fright

with inscriptions written on my face

relieving you of pain on a good day

causing anger by my malicious feelings

to corrupt your thoughts and steal your conscious

your main superior dimming you inferior

Thief is my birthright name with fame

to grow haters by my side

as my appreciators praise me with security

the cornerstone to their raising everyday

when the pessimists try to inflict pain on me

trying harder as they mat only to gain crocks

Face bewildered and angered for their tracks

of demolishing me is like working re progress

Love is real not a Deal.

Dovey Lovey

Like the Water and the Waves we are Inseparable

More than a word is something intimate

Love is what we share our well being we care

Live by each other to survive you stalking us

parasitic enough to glare our direction

later hang on us your jealous eyes tell

sell your minds intuition by us holding hands

is it a premonition unworthy of your stand

I rarely walk you these days around when

bored sit by the shore gleam past the deep sea

hand by hand taking into each others appearance

What a great bond that this friendship never wrought

late in the night texting to make things right

take the pain replace with the wit my mind possesses

I’m really grateful you gave me your trust

inspired me to take a risk pursuing journey Love

By Will he came the source of my fruit, my Lover

How can i describe him? How am I to Know

Maybe he’s the teardrop that drips down my eyes

I hold him back for this miles we have to cover

Come in the midst of our destiny your neck

I’ll slit feed your soul to the abyss

Love is a charm i guess am trapped in one


I forever hold your Beauty

the woman mThis Bond is Unbreakable

Her name is M her real name i won’t mention

my heart beats sends a rhythm to  my  nerves

i feel the stomach concort as i create her in mind

an imagination with many thoughts swerved together

She is the Apple that I eye in my world

I sigh, keep off as the good Doctor

This patient id treat with care for i care for her.

Sand bathing at the Maldives delicacies in tow

Wow! what a scenery this most expensive

island have never been glad she’s never seen

Charmed her later blinded her as Tatum Channing

With love portion my soles heart possession

She won’t stop taking her eyes off me

I’m like the Legal King at her wake and rest

I serve my nation for my pride’s sake and loyalty

Sticking to the beautiful landscape and resources

my country possess not coveting the neighbors

she is the beauty that slays her beholder, I

This Bond is Unbreakable

This Bond is Unbreakablebelief

My biggest fear is to turn impossibilities into reality

A salty lake of ideas none  has ever achieved

My teacher taught knowledge as i gained wisdom

What a freedom of mind a vision of transformation

I’ll retrieve the future because ambition is amazing

I define my success in a 3 lettered word

Think Big i just described it prolifically

Confuse you a little for am around always

In every morning roses that scents your nose

Thank me later for my generosity clause

I’ve never been a miser sharing my victory